Product Excellence in Retail Outlets 2017

The brick-and-mortar model of a retail outlet is here to stay. It will provide maximum consumer traffic for brands and manufacturers of goods alike. Having up-voted in-store innovation and consumer experience on their agenda, retailers are introduced range reductions and discounted home brands into the foray.
With a misalignment of interests with retailers and a high NPD failure rate, manufacturers and brands need to re-think their category management and marketing strategies to maximise product sales in an in-store environment. With this in mind, the Product Excellence In Retail Outlets 2017 Summit will facilitate a discussion of successful strategies and business case studies around:

  • Leveraging consumer in-sights to develop an appropriate NPD, Category and Product Management Strategy
  • Collaborating with retailers to align visions and develop a trust-based, profitable categoryand space management strategy
  • Tapping into creative marketing and promotion models to drive consumer attraction and product success in-store

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